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6N137 electronic component of Broadcom

High Speed Optocouplers 10 Mb/s 3750Vrms

Manufacturer: Broadcom
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Product Category
High Speed Optocouplers
Data Rate
10 Mbd
Maximum Forward Diode Voltage
1.75 V
Maximum Reverse Diode Voltage
5 V
Maximum Collector Current
50 mA
Maximum Power Dissipation
85 mW
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Package / Case
PDIP - 8
Isolation Voltage
3750 vRMS
Input Type
Output Device
Photo Ic
Forward Current
20 mA
Fall Time
10 ns
Maximum Continuous Output Current
50 mA
Maximum Forward Diode Current
20 mA
Minimum Forward Diode Voltage
1.4 V
Number Of Channels Per Chip
1 Channel
Rise Time
24 ns
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Data Sheet 6N137, HCNW137, HCNW2601, HCNW2611, HCPL-0600, HCPL-0601, HCPL-0611, HCPL-0630, HCPL-0631, HCPL-0661, HCPL-2601, HCPL-2611, HCPL-2630, HCPL-2631, HCPL-4661 High CMR, High Speed TTL Compatible Optocouplers Description Features The Broadcom 6N137, HCPL-26xx/06xx/4661, 15 kV/s minimum Common Mode Rejection (CMR) at V = 1 kV for HCNW2611, HCPL-2611, HCPL-4661, HCNW137/26x1 are optically coupled gates that combine a CM HCPL-0611, HCPL-0661 GaAsP light emitting diode and an integrated high gain High speed: 10 MBd typical photo detector. An enable input allows the detector to be strobed. The output of the detector IC is an open collector LSTTL/TTL compatible Schottky-clamped transistor. The internal shield provides a Low input current capability: 5 mA guaranteed common mode transient immunity specification Guaranteed AC and DC performance over industrial up to 15,000 V/s at Vcm = 1000V. temperature: 40C to +85C Available in 8-Pin DIP, SOIC-8, widebody packages This unique design provides maximum AC and DC circuit Strobable output (single channel products only) isolation while achieving TTL compatibility. The optocoupler Safety approval AC and DC operational parameters are guaranteed from UL recognized 3750 V for 1 minute and rms 40C to +85C allowing trouble-free system performance. 5000 V for 1 minute per UL1577 CSA approved rms (5000 V /1 Minute rating is for HCNW137/26X1 CAUTION It is advised that normal static precautions be rms and Option 020 6N137, HCPL-2601/11/30/31, taken in handling and assembly of this HCPL-4661 products only) component to prevent damage and/or IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5 approved with: degradation which may be induced by ESD. V = 567 V for 06xx Option 060 The components featured in this data sheet are IORM peak V = 630 V for 6N137/26xx Option 060 not to be used in military or aerospace IORM peak applications or environments. The components V =1414 V for HCNW137/26x1 IORM peak are not AEC-Q100 qualified and not MIL-PRF-38534 hermetic version available recommended for automotive applications. (HCPL-56xx/66xx) Applications Isolated line receiver Computer-peripheral interfaces Microprocessor system interfaces Digital isolation for A/D, D/A conversion Switching power supply Instrument input/output isolation Ground loop elimination Pulse transformer replacement Power transistor isolation in motor drives Isolation of high speed logic systems Broadcom AV02-0940EN July 17, 20206N137, HCNW137, HCNW2601, HCNW2611, HCPL-0600, HCPL-0601, HCPL- 0611, HCPL-0630, HCPL-0631, HCPL-0661, HCPL-2601, HCPL-2611, HCPL- 2630, HCPL-2631, HCPL-4661 Data Sheet High CMR, High Speed TTL Compatible Optocouplers The 6N137, HCPL-26xx, HCPL-06xx, HCPL-4661, HCNW137, and HCNW26x1 are suitable for high speed logic interfacing, input/output buffering, as line receivers in environments that conventional line receivers cannot tolerate and are recommended for use in extremely high ground or induced noise environments. Functional Diagram 6N137, HCPL-2601/2611 HCPL-2630/2631/4661 HCPL-0600/0601/0611 HCPL-0630/0631/0661 1 V ANODE 1 1 V NC 8 CC 8 CC V ANODE 2 7 V CATHODE 1 2 7 E O1 CATHODE V CATHODE 2 V 3 6 O 3 6 O2 GND ANODE 2 GND NC 4 5 4 5 SHIELD SHIELD TRUTH TABLE TRUTH TABLE (POSITIVE LOGIC) (POSITIVE LOGIC) LED ENABLE OUTPUT LED OUTPUT ON H L ON L OFF H H OFF H ON L H OFF L H ON NC L OFF NC H NOTE: A 0.1-F bypass capacitor must be connected as close as possible between pins 5 and 8. Selection Guide Widebody Minimum CMR 8-Pin DIP (300 Mil) Small-Outline SO-8 (400 Mil) Hermetic Input On- Single Single Single Single and dV/dt Current Output Channel Dual Channel Channel Dual Channel Channel Dual Channel V (V) (V/s) (mA) Enable Package Package Package Package Package Packages CM 1000 10 5 YES 6N137 5,000 1,000 5 YES HCPL-0600 HCNW137 NO HCPL-2630 HCPL-0630 10,000 1,000 YES HCPL-2601 HCPL-0601 HCNW2601 NO HCPL-2631 HCPL-0631 15,000 1,000 YES HCPL-2611 HCPL-0611 HCNW2611 NO HCPL-4661 HCPL-0661 a 1,000 50 YES HCPL-2602 a 3,500 300 YES HCPL-2612 a a 1,000 50 3 YES HCPL-061A HCPL-261A a a NO HCPL-263A HCPL-063A b a a 1,000 YES 1,000 HCPL-261N HCPL-061N a a NO HCPL-263N HCPL-063N c a 1,000 50 12.5 HCPL-193x a HCPL-56xx a HCPL-66xx a. Technical data are on separate Broadcom publications. b. 15 kV/s with V = 1 kV can be achieved using Broadcom application circuit.3. CM c. Enable is available for single channel products only, except for HCPL-193x devices. Broadcom AV02-0940EN 2

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