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MAN6760 electronic component of Everlight

LED Displays & Accessories .56" RED BLANK FACE

Manufacturer: Everlight
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HLMP4740 electronic component of Everlight HLMP4740

Standard LEDs - Through Hole T-1 3/4 LOW CURR GRN
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EL-17-21SURC/S530-A2/TR8 electronic component of Everlight EL-17-21SURC/S530-A2/TR8

Standard LEDs - SMD Red Water Clear 624nm 42mcd
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19-213UYC/S530-A2/TR8 electronic component of Everlight 19-213UYC/S530-A2/TR8

Standard LEDs - SMD Super Yellow
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QTLP600C4TR electronic component of Everlight QTLP600C4TR

Green 570nm LED Indication - Discrete 2.1V 0603 (1608 Metric)
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QTLP651C4TR electronic component of Everlight QTLP651C4TR

Standard LEDs - SMD 1206 W/LENS GRN
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HLMPM501 electronic component of Everlight HLMPM501

Standard LEDs - Through Hole 4mm FLT TOP GRN DIFF
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ITR-20002 electronic component of Everlight ITR-20002

Optical Switches, Reflective, Phototransistor Output Opto Interrupter
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11-21SURC-S530-A3-TR8 electronic component of Everlight 11-21SURC-S530-A3-TR8

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SIR67-21/TR8 electronic component of Everlight SIR67-21/TR8

Infrared (IR) LEDs SMD,3.2x2.7mm RoHS
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ELSW-F41Y1-OLPNM-AA3A5 electronic component of Everlight ELSW-F41Y1-OLPNM-AA3A5

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Amber Color 585~595nm SMD,3.5x3.5mm RoHS
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Image Description
OPD-S5620LR-BW electronic component of Opto Plus Led Corp OPD-S5620LR-BW

Display: LED; 7-segment; 14.2mm; red; 35mcd; anode; Dim:19x12.6x8mm
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KWM-30881ASB electronic component of Lucky Light KWM-30881ASB

Display: LED; matrix; 8x8; red; 6-12mcd; anode; 32x32mm; 1.8÷2.4V
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LMD12057AUE-101D-01 electronic component of Wenrun LMD12057AUE-101D-01

Display: LED; matrix; 5x7; red; 11mcd; cathode; 39.1x22.8mm
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TDSO3150-KL electronic component of Vishay TDSO3150-KL

LED Displays & Accessories 7-Seg Org/Red 10mm Common anode
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LDS-C414RI electronic component of Lumex LDS-C414RI

Display Modules - LED Character and Numeric Red 7-Segment 1 Character Common Cathode 2V 10mA 0.748" H x 0.496" W x 0.307" D (19.00mm x 12.60mm x 7.80mm) 14-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm), 11 Leads
Stock : 956

SLR0562FW2A3BY-4.0 electronic component of SUNLIGHT SLR0562FW2A3BY-4.0

Led Segment Display 2 0.56'' (14.22mm) Common Anode White Through Hole RoHS
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SLRR0564DY2C4BD-6.3 electronic component of SUNLIGHT SLRR0564DY2C4BD-6.3

Led Segment Display 4 0.56'' (14.22mm) Cathode (Negative electrode) Yellow Through Hole RoHS
Stock : 1

SLR0522DR3A3BD-3.5 electronic component of SUNLIGHT SLR0522DR3A3BD-3.5

Led Segment Display Plugin RoHS
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KW2-301AVA electronic component of Lucky Light KW2-301AVA

Display: LED; 7-segment; 7.62mm; red; 25-50mcd; anode; No.char:2
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KW4-306CVA electronic component of Lucky Light KW4-306CVA

Display: LED; 7-segment; 7.6mm; red; 24-48mcd; cathode; No.char:4
Stock : 6

Tariff Desc

8531.20.00 32 .. - Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light emitting diodes (LED) Free

ELECTRIC SOUND OR VISUAL SIGNALLING APPARATUS (FOR EXAMPLE, BELLS, SIRENS, INDICATOR PANELS, BURGLAR OR FIRE ALARMS), Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light-emitting diodes (LED)
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