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20 Mar 2023

The WE-PSPA is a small power transformer for push-pull and gate drive applications. The transformer is space-saving due to its low profile and is suitable for a variety of applications due to its different winding ratios.
Surface mount
Variety of turn ratios
Output voltages from 5 V up to 23 V
Operating temperature:-40 °C up to +125 ºC
Automotive approved
As a Gate Drive Transformator
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13 Mar 2023

Kyocera AVX is a leading manufacturer in developing cutting edge crystal products such as crystal units and crystal oscillators by utilizing the full capability of quartz crystals. Kyocera AVX has experience supplying a wide variety of crystal devices globally contributing to the evolution of IoT era. Kyocera AVX has a wide variety of ultra miniature, high accuracy and wide temperature range operating crystal units. The Z-series and K-series utilizes a common platform design covering case si..
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06 Mar 2023

The OC series of resistors can often replace carbon and ceramic composition resistors which can be difficult to source or carry prolonged lead times. The OC series can handle a maximum single energy pulse of 275 joules and are ideal for circuitry associated with surges, high peak power or high energy. The OC series offers enhanced performance in high voltage power supplies, R-C snubber circuits, and inrush limiters. Offered in 3 sizes and multiple wattage and energy levels with peak voltage han..
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13 Feb 2023

These sensors exist of a small NTC chip reflow soldered between two AWG #24 UL-2468 style wires. They are lacquered and insulated with black epoxy.
Accurate over wide temperature range
High stability
Excellent price / performance ratio
High adhesive strength between PVC wire and the encapsulating lacquer
Material categorization:
Available Temperature measurement, sensing and control in remote locations and f..
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06 Feb 2023

Slide switches offer package sizes as small as 10 x 2.5 x 5.9 mm, making them ideal for a variety of space-constrained designs. Our mini slide switches feature 2.54 mm pitches, SPDT circuits, raised or flat actuator levels, and on-on switch functions. Available in gull wing or PC pin terminations, our slide switches offer surface mount or through hole mounting styles as well as vertical or horizontal orientations.
raised actuator
through hole mounting/vertical..
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